Website Creation: Karaoke Gig.

Website Creation

Now that you have become a member of Karaoke Gig, you have access to more tools. As well as creating an advertisement for your gigs, you can also create a website on our network. Website creation is easy here, as we do the initial set-up.

When you create a website at Karaoke Gig, you will be able to choose an appropriate name for your website. We show the method below for both KJs and DJs. Our domain names are included in your membership.

If you wish to provide your own domain name, this is perfectly acceptable. However, you must purchase that separately. Of course, if you do this, you must keep renewing the domain name each year.

If you are unsure what domain name to use, we have a few suggestions below.

Of course, your domain name slots onto the front of the Karaoke Gig website. For instance, say your karaoke business has the name Rob’s Karaoke. Ditch the ‘karaoke’ bit, then sign up as Robs. Hence, your domain name will be In effect, you don’t need the word ‘karaoke’ because it is already in the domain name.

Obviously, your domain will include ‘Karaoke Gig’. So all the better if you provide karaoke as part of your entertainment. However, by being part of this network, you get the potent publicity power that we have!

So, some examples of a KJ domain could be:

  • The Best Karaoke Gig:
  • Julie’s Karaoke Gig:
  • Mike’s Karaoke Gig:
  • (Your Town) Karaoke Gig:

As you can see, the possibilities are endless; just be creative if you have no name for your gig yet.

If you are happy with the karaoke gig, then that’s not too much of a problem. We have alternatives available, but they are longer; they could be a dot-net, a dot-org, etc., and you really need something memorable. The karaoke gig here is a dot-com and has plenty of punch since we have been around for many years.

So, let’s see how your domain could look if you only offered disco services:

  • Saratoga Disco:
  • DJ Paul:
  • (Your City) Disco:
  • Laser Disco:

Should you stay with the Karaoke Gig main domain, it may bring in more custom from the karaoke community. That is because our domain name attracts a specific customer looking for gigs. However, if you only offer disco music, please stress this on your website.

If you are offering disco or karaoke, it is probably best if you use your venue name in your domain. However, there are many alternatives. Of course, you can use your own.

Web hosting for DJs and KJs.

For the most part, your hosting package will be on the same host as ours and based in the UK. In other words, on fast servers with unlimited bandwidth. However, should our servers become full, we may host your website on an alternative server of our choosing.

All free domains will come with SSL and an email address you can choose from.

With your website creation comes a free front page set-up, should you wish. Furthermore, we have many colour schemes to match your gig’s intentions. All you need to do is provide some images and what you offer, and we will do the rest. Our home page will give you an idea of how yours will look.

You should back up your website regularly and update themes, plugins, etc. However, you could set them to automatically update.

Your website is your property, so you should back up the files and database regularly. If you decide to leave our network and take your website with you to a new host, your files and database are always accessible.

The Karaoke Gig Network has all you need for your website creation. We offer free domain names, unlimited bandwidth, SSLs, and an email address. You can migrate your site to a new host at any time, but why should you if we have all you need here?

Good luck with your karaoke or disco business; we hope to be a long-term partner of yours.