Paul McCartney Sings Karaoke. Carpool with James Corden.

Paul McCartney Sings Karaoke

You have to give it to Sir Paul McCartney; he is such a sport. Not only did he show us all around his home town of Liverpool, but he performed for us. This was both in the car where Paul McCartney sings karaoke and in a pub he used to play in many years ago. Obviously, that was in his younger days with the Beatles.

The video is at the bottom of the page, but we will give an outline of what happened first. James Corden picked up Sir Paul and took him back to the streets of Liverpool, north-west England.

While driving around the streets, the two of them burst into the odd Beatles song. We hear Penny Lane, Let it Be, Blackbird, etc.

While in the Penny Lane area, we see where the pretty nurse stood while selling poppies from a tray. We also see Paul visit the barbershop enshrined in the song, much to the amazement of the hairdresser.

They visit the house where Paul McCartney lived, which is now a museum. Indeed, so many classic songs come from that small suburban house.

Paul McCartney surprises the locals, who were just sitting and chatting in a pub. Before long, news got out, and the pub became packed.

Honestly, can you imagine sitting in a pub when Paul McCartney turns up unannounced. That would be so unreal. Be that as it may, Paul McCartney sings karaoke in a car with James Corden and the video is now viral. But you would welcome it like they did in Liverpool.

So for those who have yet to see the video, here it is. This video will bring in a new generation of supporters for both him and karaoke, so hats off to that. What an absolute sport!

How did the video affect you? Let us know in the comments below or tell us in the Karaoke Gig forum. Indeed, have you ever sang in a car at all? If so, tell us what you sing.

Finally, you can learn how to become a decent singer in our blog post here.

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