Karaoke Gig Forum Rules

To begin with, the rules of the Karaoke Gig Forums allow these message boards to tick over nicely. Firstly, we shall list a collection of rules which members must abide by. Then we shall list a few guidelines that we recommend. Of course, the rules are rigid, while the guidelines are just that!

In short, the staff here at the Karaoke Gig Forums are not grammar Nazis. In fact, we allow free speech up to the legal limit!

Rules (Rigid For All)

01) Firstly, you are fully responsible for everything you post anywhere on the Karaoke Gig Network, including these forums. Therefore, we would ask that you stay within the law at all times. In fact, there really should be no other rules except use common sense!
02) Be that as it may, you must never make anyone feel uneasy or upset with your posts. In other words, you should post responsibly. Obviously, don't discriminate on the grounds of gender, age, nationality, etc.
03) Excessive swearing is not permissible so please watch your language.
04) Adult images and videos are permissible as long as they are legal. However, we don't allow porn or links to it. So, if in any doubt, don't post it!
05) Extreme images and videos are not permissible, of course neither are links to that sort of stuff.
06) Only post in English so we can understand. Indeed, we delete all posts that are not in English.
07) Obviously, all decisions by our staff are final.
08) Posting on the Karaoke Gig Forums means you understand these rules, of course. From time to time, its advisable to check here for changes.

Rules (For Advertisers)

01) Only one advert is permissible per year so please think carefully about your advert. Indeed, we reserve the right to remove your adverts should we suspect they are spam.
02) Links to your websites are permissible in your posts, of course. However, should you do this, then you must link back to our Home Page on your website. Obviously, this includes links in your signature too!

Guidelines (No Penalty)

01) Although you are free to post whatever you like (see the rules), please try and make clearly understood posts.
02) While we discourage one word posts, please avoid this as well as smiley only replies.
03) Generally speaking, when you make a NEW TOPIC, be as descriptive as you can. Also, the more words you post, the better. In fact, we may award the odd Karaoke Gig Forum badge to those posters who make the best posts!

To Sum Up

Obviously, we ask that all members of the Karaoke Gig Forum be respectful of others. Therefore, our rules and guidelines are brief and to the point. Finally, chill out and we hope you enjoy your stay here at the Karaoke Gig Network.