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Karaoke Gig Forum - About Us

Firstly, the Karaoke Gig Forum is part of our Karaoke and Disco Network.
This forum is obviously an open public platform for all, which means you!
If you have an interest in karaoke, disco, pubs, venues or music in general, join in with us.

To begin with, karaoke lovers can find karaoke venues close to where they live.
Likewise, disco dancers may find suitable venues close by.
Obviously, karaoke venues can advertise here.
Of course, KJ's and DJ's can too.
We also allow karaoke reviews, disco reviews, and venue reviews, too.
In fact, you can chat about anything since we have many different forums.

Subscribe For More Benefits

Indeed, we started the network because many people had an interest in the venture.
Therefore, we are a member-only network with the interests of our members at heart.
Obviously, we are mainly all about karaoke but we encourage those who love discos to join in too.
Therefore, we welcome Karaoke Jockeys (KJ's), Disc Jockeys (DJ's) and Venue Owners to take an interest in our websites.
Of course, our main website allows businesses such as karaoke venues and discos to advertise in our directory.

But that's not all

In fact, we also allow karaoke businesses, DJs, and venue owners to build and host their own websites here.
Obviously, we provide everything you need to run a karaoke, disco, or music business website.
So, from mobile karaoke businesses and DJ's to pubs and music venues, you can slot into our network.
Indeed, the whole process is simple and easy to manage.
Therefore, after you finish here in the Karaoke Gig Forum, pop over to the mother site and subscribe!
Although you can advertise for free in these forums, you can't beat the benefits of a dedicated website like ours.

Finally, enjoy your time on the Karaoke Gig Forum.