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Indeed, all you need to do is search for your town in the Local Karaoke Directory above. Obviously, you can search for local discos or other events, too. Furthermore, if you know the name of the karaoke venue or disco, search for those as well. All in all, our search engine can quickly help you find a suitable karaoke or disco near you.

Because karaoke and discos sometimes go hand in hand, we list them all together in one directory. Of course, the advertisements will tell you what sort of event it is. However, some gigs and venues offer a combination of the two events.

For example, the KJ or DJ may play a disco song between karaoke tracks. More information about these combined events is here.

In order to advertise your karaoke or disco in the events directory above, you need to register first. But once you do, you will get some great exposure by advertising with the Karaoke Gig. Our basic silver membership allows you to do just that.

Once you visit a venue, you can tell us about it. Indeed, you can rate and review it here. So, whether it was good or bad, let the world know how your visit went.

You can rate the gig, venue, DJ or KJ in the comments section of each page. However, we also have a forum where you can tell us about your experiences. If you are not a member, no problem; just ask us for the joining code for the forum. There, you will be able to create a post for all to see.

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