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We are a friendly bunch, here at Karaoke Gig, so talk to us if you need to. However, please read the information below before you contact us. There are many ways to talk to us, including this simple form:

Of course, you may contact us about anything relevant to our Karaoke Gig Network. For example, if you find that our website needs a correction, tell us, and we will correct it. Likewise, if you have a general enquiry, use the above form.

Most of the information that you need is already on our website. So, please ensure that you search the website first. Indeed, if the information is already available on site, our staff may not prioritise the enquiry. Above all, please allow us a little time to reply in all cases.

Obviously, if you have problems with the above form, try contacting us at our Karaoke Gig forum. Since most of what you need to know is on the website already, please make good use of the forum, here. In other words, you’ll hardly need to speak to the staff here. But, if you do, we are available.

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