KJ Club: Karaoke Gig.

KJ Club: Also For DJs And Karaoke Venue Owners!

To begin with, this is the KJ Club information page for members only. If you just want to find a karaoke gig near you, then click here. The KJ Club here at the Karaoke Gig Network is for Karaoke Jockeys (KJs) and Disc Jockeys (DJs).

Indeed, it is also for venue owners who host karaoke in their pubs and clubs. There are many benefits to joining our exclusive club, which we shall discuss here in detail.

Basically, members of the Karaoke Gig Network have a big interest in the running of the website. In other words, once you join the network, you become a part of it.

So, by subscribing to our membership, you become a member of the KJ Club.

At this time, we have three levels of membership. Obviously, choose the one suitable for your needs.

Karaoke and Disco Club.

Firstly, the Silver Membership allows you to place an advertisement in our directory. In general, this form of membership is ideal for publicising your gigs or events.

Being in our exclusive Karaoke Gig Directory obviously allows visitors to find you easily. In effect, visitors come to the Karaoke Gig Network to search for karaoke or disco venues close by.

Generally speaking, once people search for their town or city, a list of local karaoke or disco events will show up. Therefore, you can increase the number of customers or performers at your venue with a karaoke listing in our directory.

Secondly, we have the Gold Membership. This type of membership also allows you to take your place in the events directory. In addition to this benefit, you can create a full and complete website for your business!

Obviously, the Karaoke Gig Network provides you with a domain name and reliable hosting. You’ll also have access to many different themes and all the tools you need to create a fantastic KJ, DJ, or venue website. We look after the back-end security of course and we have an effective back-up system too.

On the whole, the benefits of using the Karaoke Gig Network for your karaoke, disco, or venue website are quite clear. In short, your website can take advantage of the advertising power of our vast karaoke network. Then, because we provide all you need to make a website, this makes it a lot easier for yourself. So, not only do you get into our Karaoke Gig Directory, you can run your very own karaoke website too!

Thirdly, our Platinum Membership is a one-time payment offer. This premium membership gives you all of the above, but you never pay again. You may also get a front-page advertisement complete with a link on the Karaoke Gig Network Home Page.

DJ decks: Karaoke Disco.

We also have a Karaoke Gig Forum for members here. By and large, all members can place a free advertisement for their karaoke events in the forum, too. This may suit many KJs, DJs, or karaoke venue owners, of course. However, it will never really match the benefits of a listing in the directory. But its another link back to you!

Members of the KJ Club here can indeed have a special rank and badge if they do join the forum. So, if you become a member of the KJ Club and want this special rank, let us know. Pop over to the Karaoke Gig Forum and open a thread or two. Non-members can join the forum; ask for the joining code.

By joining the Karaoke Gig Network, you become a member of the club. The benefits of this are clear, and that is potentially more customers, singers, or performers at your venue. Indeed, you can even operate your own karaoke website with the greater advertising power of the network.

Finally, we provide the Karaoke Gig Network for the benefit of all our members. In fact, the interests of our members are what this place is all about!

Karaoke bar.